The Best DR System

The best DR System

Carestream DR System are not only market leaders & trend setters in technology in the industry, they also provide a low cost and affordable Carestream DR’s, Formerly called Kodak digital radiography systems, they have the ability to allows the same detector to work seamlessly across the entire line-up of DRX products and slide right into your existing equipment. Small compact & a light-weight design with three plans – Three Options for protection. The DRX Family includes two complete, fully digital imaging systems. The DRX-Evolution Plus, equipped with an overhead tube crane and offering state-of-the-art performance, and the DRX-Ascend, with advanced capabilities at a very affordable price. 

Carestream’s DRX detectors feature:

  • Wireless connectivity to eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Instant access to images to speed decisions on patient care.
  • Ability to share detectors between any DRX room or any mobile DRX system.
  • A separate battery charger that allows the detector to be used while a spare battery is being charged.


  • A single detector platform works across a broad portfolio of DRX equipment
  • Convert an existing x-ray room or mobile system to digital radiography in a day


  • Take a modular approach to your capital investment
  • Customize a DR solution that fits your workflow and budget
  • Add DR systems as your facility expands and grows


  • Get the most out of your DRX investment 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Share the detector with a mobile imaging unit for morning rounds, a radiology room DR suite in the afternoon and the emergency department at night
  • Use a common software platform to speed your exam process


High Shock Tolerance


Amorphous Silicon on Glass

Ready for a demo any where any time.

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Carestream developed and introduced the world’s first wireless, cassette-sized detector. At the center of the DRX Family, it’s based on a powerful, single-detector platform that works across the entire family of DRX products, as well as with your existing equipment.

World class dr systems

The imaging solutions in the DRX Family are all designed around the remarkable X-Factor wireless detector platform. This allows the same detector to work seamlessly across the entire line-up of DRX products – and slide right into your existing equipment, as well. This makes it easy and affordable to convert, replace or expand your current systems. Other members of the DRX Family are designed as full digital systems, ready to put you on the leading edge of diagnostic imaging.

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Look to the DRX-Revolution for wireless DR imaging wherever it’s needed. It provides exceptional maneuverability in the most diffcult locations – in cramped patient rooms, and in the OR, ICU or the Emergency Department. The DRX-Revolution also features a low prole and innovative collapsible column, so technologists no longer have to blindly navigate heavy, bulky, portable units through busy hallways. And to make this system a virtual imaging room on wheels, it offers built-in storage compartments for gloves, paperwork, batteries and markers

True portable

Carestream’s DRX -Transportable / Field Portable x-ray unit is designed and tested for the rigorous conditions of military, disaster and remote locations. This rugged, all-in-one solution, includes the wireless detector, electronics, wireless access point, and a tablet PC–all securely packed in a sturdy, portable carrying case. You’ll have all the performance of a DR imaging room–wherever you need it. The Carestream DRX -Transportable is rugged, portable, immediate and reliable so you can focus on your patients at the point of care, no matter the environment.

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