DV 5700 LAser Printer

The best Laser printer - DV 5700

A laser Xray film printer that’s low cost & affordable, this laser xray film printing systems has a single draw which has the ability to print 4 sizes of films, unlike a single tray printer manufactured by others in the market where only a single size film can be printed. A DV 5700 was formerly called the Kodak Laser Printer or Kodak Xray film printer. This Carestream laser printer can be positioned on a table top with a small compact & a light-weight design, its the most sought out & in demand printer across the world. The AIQC – or Automatic Image Quality Control performs film calibration automatically without manual user intervention which is again an intellectual property right held by Carestream. This means its a technology patent & in other words the densitometer allows films print quality check on every print.

325 DPI

Print Resolution

45 Film/Hour

Speed of 14x17

Ready for a demo any where any time.

Film sizes

14"X17" , 11"X14" , 10"X12", 8"X10" Sizes


AIQC, Automatic Image Quality Control

Day light load

Films can be loaded in broad day light

pay online

Pay via Credit Card, NEFT, RTGS or Debit Card

Quick service

Fastest spare management for uptime guarantee

Watch the video

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