Carestream DV 6950 Low cost printer

Carestream DV 6950 Laser printer

A laser sharp mammo Xray film printer that’s affordable, our GOLD CLASS Top-END laser xray film printing system has a three draw built with the ability to print 5 sizes of films, unlike the other 3 tray printers manufactured by other companies where only sizes per tray is fixed. A DV 6950 was formerly called the Kodak Laser Printer or Kodak Xray film printer. This Carestream laser printer is a floor model  with a small compact design, its the most sought out & in demand printer across the world. The AIQC – or Automatic Image Quality Control performs film calibration automatically without manual user intervention which is again an intellectual property right held by Carestream. This means its a technology patent & in other words the densitometer allows films print quality check on every print. You get the proven advantages of DryView technology, all modalitie connection convenience and enhanced mammography capabilities or lets say the golden mammography printing clarity standards. 

39 micron laser spot spacing

650 DPI

Print Resolution

160 Film/Hr

Speed of 14x17

Ready for a demo any where any time.

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The CARESTREAM DryView 6950 Laser Imaging System delivers the innovation you need to maintain high standards of patient care — at a cost you can afford

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