Vita Flex CR System

The best CR System

A digital Xray that’s low cost & affordable, formerly called the Kodak digital ray or the Kodak CR, this computer radiography system has the ability to self install & self-repair. Can be positioned for horizontal or vertical feeds. Its a small & compact & a light-weight design. 

16 BIT

Capture Resolution

45 PPH


Ready for a demo any where any time.

IpAD compatible

Use your IPAD to view images on the move

pay online

Pay via Credit Card, NEFT, RTGS or Debit Card

Quick service

Fastest spare management for uptime guarantee

So portable

Very rugged & mobile, also for use in an ambulance


Independent veterinary software (optional)

Watch the video

Can be used in extreme conditions – like mobile applications, veterinary, military or disaster recovery applications

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